Students: We're Looking to Invest In Your

Bright Future!

At the Marshall County Community Foundation, we believe investing in our youth is the safest, soundest investment going. Your dream of a college education is one that we, and your community, shares with you.

We administer a number of scholarships, which range from the traditional academic and athletic awards to corporate and special circumstances offerings. Applying for a scholarship is free, so we invite you to spend some time finding opportunities for which you are a good fit.

The scholarships offered by the Marshall County Community Foundation:

The Lilly Endowment Scholarship

The Perkins Memorial Scholarship

Argos High School

Bremen High School

Culver High School

John Glenn High School

Laville High School

Plymouth High School

Triton High School

Other Scholarships

We also have a number of scholarships for current college students. Continue to visit our page for an update of our available scholarships. Please note specific scholarships' guidelines and deadlines.

Click here to download the common scholarship application [394k pdf]. Use this common scholarship application for your scholarship application(s) unless a different scholarship application form is provided for use in the details listed for the scholarship(s) you are interested in applying for.

This application works best with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have the application, you can download if for free from Adobe by clicking here.

Another useful tool for those seeking higher education is the Indiana College Estimate Calculator.

Good Luck!