Lilly Endowment GIFT VII 2:1 Match Triples Their Gift!

The Marshall County Community Foundation (MCCF) is visiting service groups, businesses, nonprofits, and individual donors to talk about the incredible opportunity for Marshall County presented via the Lilly Endowment Gift VII 2:1 Match.

“We Red Hats, we believe in giving back to our community,” said Janice Joan Davis, Queen of the Angels in Red chapter of the Red Hat Society. “One of our members, Noreen Rupchock, told us about the impact our gifts could have throughout Marshall County. We were excited to hear more about this match!”

A proverbial “red hat” was passed among the ladies during lunch at Christos Restaurant in Plymouth on Friday. Five, ten, and twenty dollar donations quickly added up, as more ladies chipped in. The owners of Christos, upon hearing of the match opportunity, kindly donated as well. All told, the Angels in Red members collected $337.75 among themselves. With the Lilly Endowment Gift VII 2:1 Match, that donation tripled for a total donation of $1,013.25 to the Community Fund of the MCCF.

“The Lilly Endowment is offering a 2:1 match – called GIFT VII -- to gifts donated to the Community Fund. MCCF Community Funds are the most responsive and flexible funds in addressing current and emerging community needs through grants to local nonprofits” said Linda Yoder, Executive Director of the MCCF. “The larger we can grow the Community Fund, the more money we will have to grant to exciting new projects in our communities.”

Said MCCF staff member Angie Rupchock-Schafer, “The Red Had ladies made me feel welcome and like one of their own when I spoke to them today about the Gift VII Match. They even gave me a red hat to wear!”

“You can learn more about the 2:1 match and how you can contribute at or please, contact our offices with any questions you may have or if you want us to speak with your group about this amazing opportunity,” Yoder continued. “A 2:1 match like this does not come often. We are grateful for the generosity shown by the Angels in Red members this afternoon.”