Marshall County Community Foundation Offering 1:1 Match to Help Flood Survivors

Fall Community Fund Grant Round Will Give Special Attention to Flood-Related Projects

In response to overwhelming need, the MCCF is offering a 1:1 match up to $135,000 for private sector 2018 flood relief donations to the United Way of Marshall County (UWMC). This 1:1 match is retroactive, to the very first days after the flood, and will include donations already received designated to flood recovery.

Historic flooding experienced in Marshall County in February of this year created devastation in a personal way for more than 200 families. The floodwaters may have receded, but many of our friends and neighbors still struggle with devastating loss and remain displaced. Estimates for flood repairs – after all insurance, FEMA funds and other resources are used – is close to $450,000.

“It is the sincere hope of the MCCF Board of Directors that this 1:1 match will spur generous, selfless giving on the part of the overall community to help families deeply impacted by this natural disaster,” said Kevin Boyer, MCCF Board Chair. “All donations given to the UWMC 2018 Flood Relief Fund will stay 100% in Marshall County and solely support rebuilding efforts.”

To further respond and leverage the unique tools available to the MCCF, the Foundation will give special consideration to directly-flood-related Community Fund grant applications in the Fall 2018 grant round. Applications for the Fall 2018 grant round are due on August 1, and the application may be found on the MCCF website.

The MCCF Grants Committee will give priority consideration during the deliberations process to nonprofit grant proposals intentionally designed to assist vulnerable flood-affected families and communities. Many local nonprofits have dangerously depleted their resources supporting flood survivors. It is hoped giving special consideration to flood-related programs will help ensure area nonprofits are still able to provide their valuable services as needed. It is anticipated that other worthy causes and grant proposals that represent pressing, emergent needs and/or innovative programs in Marshall County will also be funded during the Fall 2018 grant round.

Donations eligible to receive the MCCF 1:1 match include:

  • Online contributions:
  • Checks, made payable to UWMC – 2018 Flood Relief and mailed to:
    • PO Box 392, Plymouth IN 46563
  • For more information, or to learn more about how you can help flood relief efforts, call 574.936.3366

“Offering the 1:1 fundraising match up to $135,000 for private sector donations designated to 2018 flood relief and encouraging 2018 Fall Grant projects that directly address flood-related needs are unique and powerful tools that the Marshall County Community Foundation is honored to offer,” said Linda Yoder, Executive Director of the MCCF. “We hope everyone will consider the special circumstances facing our Marshall County family – friends and neighbors – as they struggle to recover from the floods, and, give accordingly!”