Become a Donor

The Marshall County Community Foundation offers many ways to donate:

  • Gifts of Cash

You may make a contribution of any amount to almost any existing fund by writing a check to the Marshall County Community Foundation. You can also donate to a fund through our online donation site:

  • Publicly Traded Securities

Contributions of securities are attractive to people who have held stocks or bonds for a long period of time. With greatly appreciated securities, you can make a contribution to the MCCF and avoid significant capitol gains tax.

  • Life Insurance

It may surprise you to know that your life insurance policies can be a charitable gift. You may donate the policy to the foundation and receive an immediate tax deduction, usually an amount equal to the cash surrender value. Or, you may name the MCCF as the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy in which the face value ultimately goes to the Foundation. Your continued premium payments on the policy are also tax deductible.

  • Charitable Gift Annuities

One of the most attractive features of a charitable gift annuity is that it allows you to receive a stream of payments along with a significant tax deduction while making a charitable gift. In return for a gift of cash or property, a charitable organization such as the MCCF will continually guarantee to pay the donor a  specified annuity for his or her lifetime. 

  • Testamentary Gift

A testamentary gift is a specific gift bequest in a will or testamentary trust. Such gifts may be for specific amounts or a percentage of an estate's value and are exempt from the estate tax. You can request our free guide, "Planning for Your Future," for more information.

  • Real Property

MCCF accepts gifts or Real Property that may be sold so that the cash can be invested or held to be used for charitable purposes.