About Us

Community- Minded Partners -- Trusted Investors -- Visionary Thinkers -- Opportunity Connectors 

The Marshall County Community Foundation (MCCF) supports new and existing programs of nonprofit organizations through grant distributions and provides numerous scholarship opportunities for those seeking to pursue educational opportunities.

MCCF represents a wide variety of ideas and interests of individual contributors who have united with a common purpose — the betterment of their communities both now and in the future through effective and ethical endowment philanthropy.

We are a place where anyone of any means may contribute to an existing endowment fund or establish a new endowment fund. MCCF staff helps donors determine the kind of charity that suits their philanthropic desires. For example, contributions can be directed to the MCCF Community Fund, which is used as a flexible and timely source of grants to meet the ever changing needs of our communities. Another option is to donate to the MCCF operating endowment to help us keep our costs low and ultimately make more dollars available for charitable distribution.
MCCF is organized to function independently and because public support is continually sought, we are classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity. As a result, contributors receive the most favorable tax treatment the law provides for charitable gifts.

Whatever your charitable intentions, there are many ways to make a gift to the Marshall County Community Foundation — cash, securities, life insurance, real estate and other tangible property, or bequests. All gifts to the Marshall County Community Foundation will help make our communities a better place to live.

The prudent investment and management of assets is a primary function of the Marshall County Community Foundation. MCCF is a publicly supported 501(c)(3) organization. An independent public accounting firm prepares our financial statement as part of the Foundation's annual audit. Foundation records such as the annual audit, the IRS Form 990 and 990-T (if filed), investment, spending and administrative and management fee policies are available upon request at 574.935.5159 or info@marshallcountycf.org.

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