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Potawatomi Park Receives Education Grant
Potawatomi Wildlife Park is a 200-acre complex that consists of fields, woodlands, ponds, and wetlands and is bordered by the Tippecanoe River. It is located on State Road 331 in Marshall 
County, Indiana. Potawatomi Wildlife Park is  managed as a natural sanctuary for plants and  animals of northern Indiana and provides educational activities for schools in the area, as well as a site for recreational activities, such as hiking or bird watching Potawatomi Wildlife Parks owned and managed by Potawatomi Park, Inc.,  not-for-profit private foundation.
This Private foundation is an outgrowth of the proceeds from the estate of Vernon Romine.

One of the best kept secrets in Marshall County is Potawatomi Park, located in the Southeast corner of the County. It is 140 acres of nature preserve at it's finest. Free flowing ponds, rivers, nature walking trails, campfires and flora abound. The undisturbed preserve is full of almost all of the indigenous birds, fish, and animals in Indiana.

The park received a grant from the MCCF in February 2005, to help fund environmental education programs for school children in Marshall County. Utilizing this grant, kids will be able to take advantage of environmental programs at the park, free of charge.

This offer is open to all public and private schools in our county, beginning with classes held that summer. Teachers wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should contact the park early for scheduling.

Popular program topics in the past have included aquatic science, tree identification, general interactive hiking, and the ecosystems of the Park. The staff is always willing to develop custom programs that will meet specific curriculum guidelines for each class. 

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